Dhruv Hari
Engineering student, musician, aspiring product manager

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My Experience

The Management Engineering program at the University of Waterloo allows me to gain 2 years of work experience over 6 co-op terms. I've been able to work in different industries from logistics, retail, and most recently in fintech. Here are my most recent experiences.

Technology Risk Intern
May 2022 — Aug 2022
Junior Project Coordinator
Sept 2021 — Dec 2021
Project Manager Co-op
Jan 2021 — Apr 2021
Realtime 7 Inc.
Technical Proposal Coordinator
July 2020 — Aug 2020

My Projects

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Project 1
Team Health Monitoring Application
Project 2
Midnight Sun Solar Car Team
Project 3
VBA Decision Support Tool
Project 4
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boat

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