Midnight Sun Solar Car Team

Business Lead - Sponsorship
Project Overview
The Midnight Sun Solar Car Team has been designing and building solar-powered electric vehicles at the University of Waterloo since 1988. With our next car, MS XIV, we’re taking on the challenge of creating a car that is both energy-efficient and practical. We believe creating consumer-oriented solar powered vehicles is an important step in achieving a more sustainable future. Midnight Sun proudly represents our university at both the American Solar Challenge and the World Solar Challenge.

My Contributions
I took on a lead role for this team, specifically working on sponsorship and outreach. It was my job to find funding and materials for the car. This was crucial work as custom solar cars usually cost us ~$300,000 to build. To summarize my work:

- Created pitch decks, presented to endowment funds, and secured sponsorships resulting in over $40k in funding

- Coordinated with external suppliers, vendors, and stakeholders for materials and sponsorships to become the first-ever Canadian team to complete the American Solar Challenge in the MOV class and score 3rd place

- Led and taught a team of 6 on fundraising and sponsorship skills including presenting, cold calling, and emailing

Vision for Midnight Sun 14