Team Health Monitoring Application

Product Manager
Project Overview
Developed a web app for instructors to assess how well a student team collaborated using Ruby on Rails and HTML/CSS. Instructors would be able to create teams, manage users, and filter through weeks of user-submitted feedback and ratings through this application
My Contributions
- Conducted 4 interviews with clients to gather requirements and delivered the app with 10+ requested features
- Created product roadmaps, wrote user stories, wireframed the UI/UX design
- Prioritized tasks and managed product/sprint backlogs to deploy the app on schedule
- Conducted daily standups, sprint review, and retrospectives using Trello, Miro, and GitHub
Landing page of application
About this project
Product Manager
Jan 2022 - Apr 2022
We started off this project by having a meeting with our client to understand their needs. After translating those needs into requirements and tasks, we began creating a backlog based on the clients priorities.

Once we finalized our features, we each created a lo-fi mockup/ wireframe. We went through 4 sprints where we conducted user interviews, user-story mapping, writing user stories, prioritizing backlogs, and eventually releasing the final product with all the requested features.

I learned a lot about software development, agile, and product management through this project.
Wireframe/ Lo-fi mockup
User-story mapping
Release planning
Sprint Retrospective
Sprint/ Product Backlog and Tasks on Trello
Pull Request on Github