Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boat

Team Lead
Project Overview
Our team's goal was to build a boat that was only powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Due to the size and performance of the cell we were tasked to find the best design and beat the other groups in a race. Working with different engineering disciplines, we were able to bring our own strengths to the table and create a well designed boat.
My Contributions
As the project lead, I was responsible for making sure that our team had a timeline laid out and that we were following it. I was delegating tasks based on everyone's skill set and prioritizing tasks. Aside from my lead responsibilities, I created designs during the planning phase, tested the different designs multiple times, and did calculations to ensure that our boat would be buoyant.

Testing Waterwheel Design

We went through multiple designs eventually landing on the waterwheel design which worked best out of all our trials

Most "Out of the Box" Design Award

Awarded for our unique design

3D Printed Waterwheel

After testing different propellors and not being happy with the results, we decided to test out a waterwheel instead. After designing and printing twice, we finally built the perfect waterwheel for our boat

Concept design

Initial boat design was modelled in Sketchup